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"Welcome to Wesley Wallace Mediation Services. I am committed to providing you with superior mediation support. I approach every situation with a focus on integrity, impartiality, and understanding"

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What is Mediation
Mediation is a less formal process than an adversarial courtroom proceeding. The object of mediation is to reach an agreement between two parties in a dispute. The informal setting enables you to feel more comfortable. Mediation is more cost effective compared with a formal trial. The parties involved can have legal representation, or in the case of pro se mediation the parties do not have individual legal representation.

Steps in Mediation
Initial meeting with both parties
Opening statement of the mediator and parties
Identification of issues for discussion
        • Venting or sharing of perspectives
Negotiations: exchange of offers and counter offers
Creation of the Final agreement

Mediation or Litigation Considerations
About litigation:
Litigation is lengthy, expensive, public and risky.
Prolonged litigation is emotionally difficult.
Judges rule in black and white; somebody wins, somebody loses.
          Often both sides are unhappy with the results.
Court cases are, for the most part, public record. Others know your
           business, your issues, and your personal information.

About Mediation: 
Client-created settlements are more creative than courtroom
You have more input into the resolution.
Mediation is confidential.
        • Statistics have shown that both parties are happier in the long run
           with mediated agreements versus litigated results.

DID you know?
Virtually every divorce case, whether attorneys are involved initially
           or not, ends up being referred to a mediator?
Over 90% of litigated cases are settled by a mediator, even though
           lawyers are involved representing both sides?
An attorney will charge between $2,500.00 and $3,000.00 minimum
          for each side?

Experience has shown that once people fully understand the ramifications and realities of the dynamics of their marriage dissolution, the parties can usually fashion an agreement that is beneficial to both sides, with the assistance of a trained mediator.


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